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A Look At Language Skills
Seller: "We're going to list with a Broker who will do it for less commission..."

Response: "I understand why you may feel that way about the commission, and you don't have to work with me, but in your own best interest there's a very good reason why you may want to reconsider ... if you have a moment I'd be glad to explain it to you ... do you have a moment? (negotiate for the time) Of course commission rates are negotiable and I'm not faulting this company you've mentioned in particular but ... if any Realtor is so willing to SLASH their own income ... right up front (speed this phrase up) ... what do you think they're doing with your (point at them) asking price when they're out there (point over your shoulder) negotiating on your behalf ... may I ask?"

Response: "Besides that Mr. and Mrs. Vendor, my commission rate is ACADEMIC ... Because, once you give me the go ahead ... unless I accomplish my task and bring you an offer, where you've allowed for my commission rate and you NET what you want in your pocket, you don't have to accept it, you don't have to pay me one cent.   Does that sound fair?/Does that sound reasonable?/Do you see the logic in that?/Does that make sense to you?"

Response: "Really in essence ... when you think about it, Mr. and Mrs. Vendor, I'm the one taking most of the RISK ... once you've let me get started, I'm the one doing all the advertising, pamphleting, open houses, and promotion ... and unless I accomplish my task and bring you an offer where you've allowed for my commission rate, you won't be accepting it ... and I don't get paid ... and I'm not in the habit of working as hard as I do and not getting paid, do you see how that makes sense?

A Look At For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

FSBO: "I'm going to sell it privately, but if not I have a Realtor I'm going to be listing with...."

Response: "Tell you what ... if you give me twenty minutes and let me explain to you how I sell houses for top dollar, one of three things will happen ... one, you'll allow me to represent you to sell your house on the professional market ... two, you'll pick up some tips on how to sell your own house privately ... or three, at the very least ... you can pass these tips on how to promote your house to this other person who can use them to get you more exposure and a better sale price for your home ... does that sound fair ...?"